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Slipknot mask Creator

2008-11-08 16:29:16 by bad1945

Really man... The Demo has a better score than the Full Corey's mask.
So I saw what people want.
Than I decided, this one it's the last version of Slipknot Mask Creator.
News comming soon...

Slipknot mask Creator

Slipknot Mask Creator

2008-11-01 09:30:34 by bad1945

Next week, exatly friday (7/11/2008 in brazil) I'll post the Corey's part of the game.
So, only the Corey's mask will be complet, has I finish the others masks I'll upload to ou guys.
Some people told me to make some parts on Slipknot style, so I'm doing it.
Till now I added:
-| 7 mouth style / 2 of my desing / 5 of Slipknot Style
-| 5 Mask details / 2 of my desing / 3 of slipknot style
-| 1 Nose Style /Slipknot Style
-| 3 Eye Style /1 of my desing / 2 Slipknot Style
-| 3 Mask details 2 /3 of Slipknot Style

till now i only made this, I'm working on!
so wait, in 5 days I'll make a lot of new things!

Give your oppinion!

Dark Castle Crusher ^^

2008-09-21 12:17:46 by bad1945

My first 3D work!
I made it on swift3D!
I decided to make a New Castle Crusher, with some changes.
Tell me what do ya think about!

Dark Castle Crusher ^^

My new Banner

2007-12-13 15:30:38 by bad1945

Olha ai minha banner nova!
Oque achou? Comente!


Look at my new banner!
What do you think abaut it? Comment!

My new Banner


2007-11-12 10:25:09 by bad1945

Ae rapaziada!!!
Se você for um Brasileiro, posta um comentário aqui!
To querendu sabe quantos Brazucas nós temos no NG!